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Unusual Bed and Breakfast or Self-Catering Accommodation

DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT, Masons Lane, Bradford-on-Avon, BA15 1QN. Tel. 01225 866842


Looking for accommodation with a difference? Then look no further. This is the website which gives you a chance to discover a DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT world. If you want your stay away to be truly memorable, then skip the boring b&b, humdrum hotel or ghastly guest-house, and try a novel bedtime experience with a difference - at a DD property. As well as some very special places to stay in the UK, there are many other exotic and unusual ideas listed in France, Europe and the "rest of the World".

So what is Distinctly Different?

A rather eccentric glimpse of the British at home and the weird and wonderful buildings some "Brits" choose to live in. All the buildings have been converted from another use and come in all shapes and sizes. At the elevational end of the scale, why not try a soaring perpendicular style Scottish church or a scary lighthouse perched 370ft above the foaming Irish Sea - alternatively if you like your experiences more earthy what about a night in a graveyard on the edge of the Peak District or a roll in the hay in a hayloft close to Salisbury.

If you like a little service with a smile as well as your bed and want someone else to cook your breakfast, click on Bed and Breakfast - but don't expect breakfast in bed, that could be a service too far. But if you prefer "doing it yourselves" and want to eat your breakfasts wearing nothing but broad smiles, click on Self-Catering, where you won't upset the serving staff as there won't be any, unless you provide them yourselves!

You can even sleep with the proprietors of DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT, or at least under the same roof, as they also run one of the DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT places to stay, Bradford Old Windmill, where you can be sure of a memorable bed if not a memorable night - a round bed, a waterbed or a gothic iron extravaganza whichever wets your fancy!

Bradford Old Windmill

A different bedtime experience every night of the year?

This isn't the KAMA SUTRA, but we do have plenty of unusual buildings, full of rooms and beds of all shapes and sizes just waiting for you to add a touch of romance and a little imagination to ensure you have "a night to remember". Choose from one of the following building categories:-

So where do you find a DD Place to Stay?

Most of our properties are conversions of buildings in England, Wales or Scotland, made redundant as social change and the needs of modern industry left many of our venerable buildings bereft of an economic use. Many of the larger industrial buildings have now been converted into stylish and expensive "loft" apartments, but a few of the smaller properties have found an alternative niche providing unusual bedtime experiences for the "been there, done that" brigade. If your geography is suspect and you need a little prompting we have a UK Location Map to help you steer yourself around Britain.

And what about the rest of the World? Why not have a Foreign affair.

Caves, yachts, igloos, rice barges, treehouses, tents, jails, water tower, an opal mine......the list is only limited by your imagination!

Romance, Restaurants and Registry Offices?

All can be found in a DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT Building, so if you fancy a tryst, a little nibble or want to go the whole hog and get spliced we have pages of ideas for you to try.

Are you also Distinctly Different? 

Click here to E mail us for more information on how to join DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT.


If you offer accommodation in an unusual building and would like to appear on this site - or have a link to it - come and join us!   Tel. 01225 866842

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