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We have a short listing of places which we feel would make a tempting tryst - click on the property name to discover more and get their telephone number.


Whatever turns you on!

A. Bryn Bras Castle DIY A special place for couples with plenty of room to escape each other in the Castle grounds Nr. Caernarfon
B. The Dovecote DIY You can "bill and coo" together in this love nest for two Nr. Oxford
C. Pekes Oast DIY A manor house, gatehouse, oasthouse and cowsheds in their own small estate Nr. Eastbourne
D. Withy Mills Cottages DIY Try the whirlpool bath in Wharfingers Cottage or visit Bath's Thermae Spa Nr. Bath
Bradford Old Windmill B&B Return to the womb - round room, round bed, round house Nr. Bath
West Usk Lighthouse B&B Water, water everywhere at the junction of the Usk and Severn Estuaries Nr. Newport
The Lighthouse B&B Rekindle the light with an old flame Llandudno
Gypsy Wagon B&B "Romance and Romany" are linked like a "Horse & Carriage" Nr. Dover
Belle Tout B&B Live life on the edge in a lighthouse Nr. Eastbourne


The list above covers a variety of sins and a range of bedtime experiences, from pure and simple but infinitely memorable, to licentious and lustful but perhaps best forgotten with next morning's hangover. Whichever you prefer, I am sure we can satisfy your needs. The building opposite was clearly built with fancy accoutrements to ensure that resident doves kept their minds on romance and producing plenty of fine fat offspring for the dining table.

Whether you're a bird fancier or just fancy a few nights away with your particular bird,the DOVECOTE should smooth any ruffled feathers and ensure that peace reigns - bring your own olive branches.



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