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Foreign Fields

beds abroad


If your taste for unusual places to stay is not confined to Britain, we have a few suggestions to make about exotic buildings in exotic locations. Freudians will find plenty of lighthouses and caves to fulfill their fantasies, the rest of you can cool off in a giant igloo or the county jail. We have slept in a few, but most we have not, so make sure you get the establishment's own brochure before you set off to sleep in, and on a block of ice way north of the Arctic Circle. It might be sensible to check with your intended igloo provider, to ensure that global warming hasn't resulted in a catastrophic case of ice cave droop! All entries offer B&B not S/C unless stated otherwise.

We are always interested in other peoples bed hopping experiences, especially where these take place in steamy climes and locations. Here are just a few hot ideas and some cool ones, from the spicier parts of the World:-

  • If you like your nights wet and wild - boats etc:
  • Malardrottningen
    Boats of all shapes and sizes
    Imperial Boat House

    Bateau Simpatico



  • Industrial Chic!:

    Finca Santa Marta


  • Some shining examples of building conversions - Lighthouses:

    Bateau Simpatico

    East Brother Lighthouse
    Lighthouses - mostly the same shape, but different sizes.Rose Island Lighthouse


  • Curves in all the right places:


    Marisas Windmill, KEA


  • A Transport of Delights:


    Caboose Lodging USA


  • Underground Dwellings:
    • Esbelli Evi House (TURKEY)     Tel. (90) 3843 413395
    • Locanda di San Martino (ITALY)    Tel. (39) 0835 256600

    Desert Cave Hotel
    Many millions still live troglodytic lives, but can't believe that tourists would pay to share their burrows.
    PJ Underground


  • Tree Houses:

    A long way up, or a long way down.
    That depends on your perspective.

    Green Magic Nature Resort


  • Religious Relics:

    Main Creek Bower


  • Bird Fanciers:

    Fancy yourselves in handcuffs:

    Jailhouse Inn


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